The Stages Of Rot

The Stages of Rot - Product Hero Image


The Stages of Rot is an intimate storybook recounting of obsession and loss, fear and catharsis, all candidly communicated through hand-developed film photography and dreamlike prose. The piece was thoughtfully created throughout the course of a year by visual artist Eden Tijerina and photographer Celina Odeh.

This numbered, limited-run first edition was independently designed and published with handmade artistic variations unique to each copy: a handwritten and wax-sealed letter from the author; foldout pressed flower pages; a plant-dyed cerement scented with an essential oil fragrance especially made for this project; and other personal touches. All of these elements are included to mark the gifting of something precious and meaningful to a dear friend. 

Preorders close at 11:59 CST on September 9th, and will be shipping out on the 13th. Any remaining copies will be available until they are completely sold out.

Because this project is dedicated to the tragic passing of a lover, 10% of all first edition book sales and fine art prints will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

A second printing of The Stages of Rot will be made available in the future for those who missed this run, but without the additional special touches that we have created exclusively for this, the first edition.